Secrets to Big Money Fundraising


This Big Money Fundraising two-book, hard bound set includes:

“Show Me The BIG MONEY—Fundraising In The Land of The GIANTS!”

A complete roadmap to finding new BIG MONEY donors. Written by John Shimer (a Harold J. (“Si”) Seymour Awardee) with over forty years of BIG MONEY Fundraising experience, this book teaches the secrets that gold standard fundraising consultants employ and then charge nonprofits $1000 to $2500 a day to teach them. This book will give you the confidence to hit the streets and dramatically increase your BIG MONEY fundraising gift revenue.

“Secrets To BIG MONEY Using Video—The Art of The Video Case Statement”

A step-by-step course on how to create a powerful video case statement to help you win the hearts and minds of BIG MONEY donor prospects. Written by Christian Shimer, the creator of the video case statement genre, this book teaches even the smallest nonprofits how to battle with the big boys to compete successfully for BIG MONEY gifts—even if all you have to spend on your production is $1,000.

These books are a must read for every nonprofit CEO, Development Officer, and Board Member.

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