BIG MONEY Fundraising Fundamentals 101 Lesson 1

BIG MONEY Fundraising Fundamentals 101 Let’s plan a BIG MONEY Fundraising campaign together  Do you want BIG MONEY Gifts for your nonprofit? My name is John Shimer and I am the author of the two-book set, “Secrets To BIG MONEY Fundraising!” Starting today, we’re starting a “class” – a new blog series actually — I’m […]

Nonprofit Fundraising Should be Strategic

Every Fundraising Effort Should be a Strategic Campaign Nonprofits in search of gift support can expect to face major headwinds unless they organize their appeal as a campaign! Campaigns are based on a carefully planned and orchestrated strategy. Unless you prepare accordingly, you’re likely to be disappointed. What does this mean and why is it true? A […]

BIG MONEY Fundraising Miracle? You Decide!

Here are the facts as they were presented to me by the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation: 1) BIG MONEY NEEDED — $6,000,000 2) LIFE ON THE LINE—A young girl in Texas named Christiane with Batten Disease. 3) THE MONEY TO BE USED FOR— a newly discovered compound that is extremely effective in slowing the progression of the disease […]

Read This BLOG Before You Buy Our Books

  The two-book set, Secrets To BIG MONEY Fundraising, is different than anything you have ever read on this topic. How? These books teach the reader the secrets to creating within each prospective BIG MONEY donor the motivation to make their maximum gift to your non-profit. The role of nonprofit development professional is dramatically expanded in these books, converting the job […]

Using Video to get Big Money for your Nonprofit

Thousands of years ago mankind scratched crude shapes on rocks to communicate ideas to each other. Since the evolution of those scratches into written languages, the human race has leapfrogged ahead by being able to communicate increasingly complex ideas in a shorter and shorter amount of time. Today, we are experiencing an evolutionary leap forward […]