Beyond Batten Foundation. Big Money Fundraising.

BIG MONEY Fundraising Miracle? You Decide!

Here are the facts as they were presented to me by the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation:

1) BIG MONEY NEEDED — $6,000,000

2) LIFE ON THE LINE—A young girl in Texas named Christiane with Batten Disease.

3) THE MONEY TO BE USED FOR— a newly discovered compound that is extremely effective in slowing the progression of the disease in laboratory models.  The foundation is trying to advance the compound to an FDA approved clinical trial to get the treatment to Christiane and all the other kids who suffer from Batten disease.

Would you need to know more than this to look deeper at this appeal for help? I didn’t. The three facts above at least required a second look.

Beyond Batten Disease Foundation is located in Austin, Texas. Their executive director heard about me through a friend of the little girl whose life is on the line. A short phone call led them to purchase my newest publication, Secrets To BIG MONEY Fundraising.” After reading it, the Executive Director wanted help with their case statement, so I spent one weekend writing the first DRAFT.

Christiane’s brother (Garland) and her parents are all in the game. But the brother is an incredibly BRIGHT LIGHT personality who wants to raise at least $1,000,000 on his own to help his sister. He and his Mom have made a video appeal that reduced me to tears. I’ve never seen anything more powerful, and that’s saying a lot.

So far Beyond Batten Disease Foundation has spent $80 to purchase my books and learn all my secrets to BIG MONEY Fundraising success.

By following the game plan presented in this two-book set, mountains have begun to move.

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Big Money Fundraising helps Beyond Batten Foundation

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