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Big Fundraising Mistakes Your Nonprofit Should Avoid

Forbes recently wrote a piece on the “Five Big Fundraising Mistakes Your Nonprofit Should Avoid” and I could not agree more with the Forbes Non-profit Council (hyperlinked). Two of these mistakes are 1) every non-profit fundraiser should be focusing on communication and 2) building better, more personal relationships with their donors. These concepts are especially critical for BIG MONEY fundraising. And there is a very particular, tried and proven process for doing both of these with BIG MONEY donors. Only this process allows you to learn directly from donors and donor prospects what kind of communications THEY seek from your nonprofit.  My two-book set, Secrets to Big Money Fundraising, teaches this process as well as how to use the information you gain from potential BIG MONEY donors to build meaningful relationships. Think about it!  How can you communicate meaningfully with donors and build deep, long-lasting relationships with them unless you first learn what they want and what motivates them?  If you are a non-profit that is satisfied with only attracting and landing small donors, my two-book set on BIG MONEY fundraising is not for you. These books are designed, written and produced for those non-profits looking to land BIG MONEY gifts using the carefully guarded secrets of gold standard consulting firms. Want to know more? (link to book or website)



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