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What is BIG MONEY?

Get the inside track on what BIG MONEY means and how to generate HUGE funding for your non-profit organization.

12 Lessons for BIG MONEY

The critical 12 lessons you will learn that will give you practical, tactical steps to raise BIG MONEY for your non-profit.

Using VIDEO to get BIG MONEY

Video is very hot and will be for the next 10 years. Find out how anyone can leverage video to generate BIG MONEY for their non-profit.

I have just finished reading “Show Me The Big Money” and found the book to be inspiring, practical, engaging, and most useful for anyone engaged in fundraising, including funders, like myself, who often find themselves mentoring grantees on how to plan a comprehensive development plan or how to go about securing major donors.

Nancy Frees Fountain

Managing Director, The Frees Foundation
Charge ahead to create and maintain meaningful relationships! Development professionals will gain practical and tested insight on how to engage philanthropists and volunteer leaders in a high-impact, results-oriented way.

Brenda Asare

President and CEO, The Alford Group
This is an outstanding primer for the new development professional and volunteer. John Shimer presents key fundamentals for achieving philanthropic greatness through the use of short stories and in a straight forward manner that will enable you to master the art and science of fundraising – particularly for the largest gifts that are needed to achieve your organization’s mission.

Donald M. Fellows

Senior Consultant & Principal

The Authors

The team behind Big Money Fundraising Secrets.

John Shimer

Non-Profit Expert and Philanthropist

John Shimer has dedicated most of his life to non-profit fundraising and philanthropy.

Christian Shimer

Video Producer and author

Christian Shimer is a video producer and author of Big Money using Video: The Art of the Video Case Statement.


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Using Video to get Big Money for your Nonprofit

Thousands of years ago mankind scratched crude shapes on rocks to communicate ideas to each other. Since the evolution of those scratches into written languages, the human race has leapfrogged ahead by being able to communicate increasingly complex ideas in a shorter and shorter amount of time. Today, we are experiencing an evolutionary leap...

Big Fundraising Mistakes Your Nonprofit Should Avoid

Forbes recently wrote a piece on the “Five Big Fundraising Mistakes Your Nonprofit Should Avoid” and I could not agree more with the Forbes Non-profit Council (hyperlinked). Two of these mistakes are 1) every non-profit fundraiser should be focusing on communication and 2) building better, more personal relationships with their donors. These concepts are...

Working on Video Promotion for the books

Christian is working on videos for promoting the two books. We are super lucky to have in-house tallent for the video side of marketing. Christian’s years of experience and passion for the project are really paying off. This is a screen shot for an early version of the Facebook promotions we are looking to...